What does Covid 19 mean for my marketing strategy?

As Covid-19 runs rampant around the world people are being advised to self-isolate (see above, apologies if you don’t get my niche Mighty Boosh reference). This virus certainly poses a threat to our personal health, but it also poses a threat to our fragile economies.

The knock-on effects of fewer people in work and more people staying in their homes are starting to rear their ugly heads. Buyer behaviour has shifted, albeit temporarily, almost entirely to the online space. After all, you cannot catch Covid-19 through the world wide web…


Some industries will find this a very challenging time

There are industries, such as events, leisure and hospitality, which will find this a very testing time. Although this shift in buyer behaviour to the online space will suit many online retailers, it could be catastrophic for others. The effects will emanate through these industries like a shockwave, touching not only the businesses that rely on the physical visits and purchases of consumers but the entire supply chain. From equipment suppliers to business services providers.

Marketing is often seen as disposable, a business activity that can be cut to almost non-existence in challenging times. It is understandable how it can be tempting to cut back on marketing when revenues take a dive, in fact, this is a time to be ramping up.



Your online marketing assets (email, website, social media, etc) are going to be your strongest and most effective tools during this challenging time. The world of online is going to be one of the few ways people are able to safely communicate, transact, and seek entertainment and this is a shift in business and consumer behaviour that many will be capitalising on.

The online world is an open, mostly unregulated and highly competitive space. If you aren’t posting and engaging with your target audience on social media, you can bet your competitor will be. If you choose to stop your SEO blogging then others will start to make a move on the key terms you have been fighting so hard to rank for.

Market share and consumer loyalty in the online world are gained through interesting and engaging content and incentives (blog posts, videos, promotions…). Sure, cutting content creation in the short term will save you a few bob, but in the medium-long term the impact on your online presence and competitiveness could actually cost you more.

Covid 19 mean for my marketing strategy


Not every business will have the malleability to realign its sales and marketing strategy to match the new norm. However, those that do will reap the benefits. With people expected to be spending much more of their time online over the next few months, is now the occasion to cut your online marketing communications, or ramp them up?


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